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Rydo brings convenience to your most trusted ride. We connect you with over 15,000 taxis across Australia.

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Everywhere you need to be.

  • We’re always here

    You can contact us 24/7, 365 days a year.

  • We are safe

    All our drivers are professional, licensed and insured.

  • We are fair

    We don’t charge you more because we are busy.

  • We are everywhere

    We don’t need to get more drivers on the road they’re already there.

  • We take bookings

    You can grab a taxi now or book for next week.

  • We are familiar

    You can request your favourite drivers.

  • We save you money

    You can fix your price for a ride.

  • We are flexible

    You can pay the driver, or pay via the app.

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Rydo - Australia's Taxi App

Book a Taxi with Rydo

We give you plenty of options to book a taxi. You can book a taxi now, or for next week. You can book a taxi that is big, stylish or even a London Ride.

  • Book a Taxi with Rydo

    Step 1

    Type in where you would like to go, the address will auto populate.

  • Book a Taxi with Rydo

    Step 2

    Pick a taxi, premium, London Ride, maxi, station wagon or try a fixed price ride.

  • Book a Taxi with Rydo

    Step 3

    Decide whether to pay the driver directly, or pay with your stored credit card.

  • Book a Taxi with Rydo

    Step 4

    Select “More options” to customise your trip. Choose pick up time, number of passengers, luggage and ride type.

  • Book a Taxi with Rydo

    Step 5

    Hit “Book a Taxi” and we will find a driver and get you on your way.

  • Book a Taxi with Rydo

    Step 6

    Once your journey has completed you will receive a tax invoice and you can also rate your driver.

Don’t forget you can also book a taxi by calling 131 001

  • Suzanne runs her own business, has a young child and always takes a taxi for safety.

    Rydo just made her life easier.
  • Allan has been driving taxis for 15 years, he knows every shortcut. Sure he uses Google maps, but Google can’t replace experience.

    Allan has been trusted by over 17,568 passengers.