• How to get the best out of our Taxi app

    Rydo is Australia’s fastest growing taxi app, it is being adopted by corporate accounts and personal users across Australia. Since …

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  • Australia’s best taxi app – we think so

    It is hard to believe that we launched our Rydo taxi app only 6 short months ago. In that time …

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  • How to pre-book your Sydney taxi using the Rydo app

    We love that you can book a taxi immediately with Rydo, we love that you can book a normal taxi, …

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  • Why you should be using Rydo to book a taxi.

    Taxi’s are by far and away the most trusted method of point to point transport in Australia. Every year taxi’s …

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  • Eight essential travel apps for getting around Sydney

    Sydney is a fantastic city and a major tourist destination. Although it sits across a large geographic area, the major …

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  • 10 reasons why we love taxis

    1. Taxi drivers are familiar Remember when you were a kid and your parents never told you to get into …

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  • Why we wanted to create Australia’s best Taxi App

    We know that across the world there are a lot of taxi apps, and we know that a few have …

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  • Ever wondered how technology gets you from A to B?

    In earlier times it was pretty easy to fathom, you called the barkeep at the tavern to fetch you a …

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  • We have come a long way from horse and cart

    The 19th century saw cabs and hansom cabs plying the streets of Australia, and Brisbane still had horse drawn hansom …

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