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Download the Rydo app today to book a taxi in Rockdale. Our taxis are installed with 24-hour security cameras and are only driven by trained taxi drivers. At Rydo, we can ensure that you will have a safe and smooth trip.

  • + Book a taxi, cab, maxi taxi, station wagon or premium ride
  • Book a taxi Rockdale or pre-book a taxi a week in advance
  • Pay the taxi driver directly or via the Rydo app
  • Track the progress of your driver and get an ETA
  • Track the location of your taxi and get an ETA
  • Contact your taxi driver through the Rydo app
  • Rate and review your trip

Book A Taxi In Rockdale

Booking a taxi ride in Campbelltown made quicker and easier

  1. On the Rydo app, enter your current location and destination
  2. Enter the date and time of your trip if you are pre-booking or tap on ‘Pick Up Now’ to book a taxi in Rockdale instantly
  3. Enter the number of passengers and luggage you will have on this trip
  4. After entering all the information, hit ‘Ride Options’ and select the type of taxi that you need
  5. A confirmation text will be sent out with your driver’s details and track their progress via the Rydo app

Alternatively, call 131 001 to book a taxi in Campbelltown. To cancel pre-booked Rydo trips, go onto ‘My Trips’ on the Rydo app.

Rydo Taxi Fare Calculator

Finding your estimated taxi fare made easy

The Rydo fare calculator provides the estimated fare based on the distance of your pick-up location and destination. Enter your destination information to receive a fare estimate (*can vary depending on traffic, type of taxi and road tolls).

Taxi Fare Calculator

About Rockdale

Campbelltown is located in the southern Sydney region. It is located 17km from the Sydney CBD and 4.1km from Sydney airport. The Rockdale area has access to bus routes and train transportation (Rockdale Station) to other Sydney suburbs.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • 1. I’m having issues with the Rydo app. What should I do?

    We appreciate your patience. Please send us a message on support@rydo.com.au or fill in our contact form located at the bottom of our Helppage and we will get back to you.

  • 2. Can I pay for the taxi trip with cash?

    Yes. After the completion of your taxi trip, you can pay the driver with cash and you will be provided with a receipt.

  • 3. Will I get charged more during peak hours?

    No, you won’t be charged more during peak hours and busy periods. However, you may experience an increased fixed price due to a longer travel time.

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