Book a London Taxi with the Rydo app!

Book a London
Taxi with the
Rydo app!

Our iconic purpose-built London taxis not only give the passenger and driver more security, but they provide more accessibility options, can carry 5 passengers, and have far more room for luggage than a regular taxi.

The London Taxi vehicle is the only purpose-built taxi vehicle in the world today. They are built at the original London Taxi Company factory in Coventry, England.
They aren’t standard passenger cars that have been adapted, they are purpose built for the job.

Download Rydo and book your London Taxi today!

We are like any other taxi. You can hail us in the street (as long as our yellow light is on), we respond to waving hands, salutes, whistles, and any manner of hailing preferences! The only way to pre-book a London Taxi is via the Rydo app.

Why you’ll love London Taxis!

  • Sturdy Perspex screen between driver in front and passengers in the rear. Safer for both drivers and passengers
  • We carry more luggage than a standard taxi
  • We carry 5 passengers for the price of 4
  • We have better accessibility for disabled passengers
  • All our taxis are brand new
  • You get a better view
  • Dedicated passenger USB charging points
  • Dedicated passenger air-conditioning controls
  • We are the same price as a normal taxi

Everything we do is aimed at a great experience

Taking a trip in a London Taxi is an experience, it is not just a mode of transport. Anyone who has ever travelled to London remembers a trip in a London Taxi.

The drivers are knowledgeable and engaging, the taxis are roomy, and provide a premium experience. Everyone feels special in a London Taxi.

Our cars and drivers and your comfort all combine to create a taxi experience that is second to none. London taxis deliver a better experience.

Book a London Taxi today with Rydo

Booking or pre-booking a London Taxi is easy

  • Book a London Taxi with the Rydo app!

    Step 1

    Type in where you would like to go, the address will auto populate.

  • Book a London Taxi with the Rydo app!

    Step 2

    Select the London Taxi option.

  • Book a London Taxi with the Rydo app!

    Step 3

    Decide whether to pay the driver directly, or pay with your stored credit card.

  • Book a London Taxi with the Rydo app!

    Step 4

    Select “More options” to customise your trip. Choose pick up time, number of passengers and luggage.

  • Book a London Taxi with the Rydo app!

    Step 5

    Hit "Book a Taxi" and we will find a driver and get you on your way.

  • Book a London Taxi with the Rydo app!

    Step 6

    Once your journey has completed you will receive a tax invoice and you can also rate your driver.

The great features of our taxis

Our taxis are purpose built, that means they are built specifically to serve as taxis. The design and the functionality has been refined over many years to ensure that both the drivers and the passengers have a great experience.

  • The taxis are very safe
  • Both driver and passengers have personal space
  • 24 hour security camera
  • Numerous accessibility aids
  • We can easily seat 5 passengers
  • Plenty of room for luggage
  • We cost the same as a normal cab
  • You can pay by cash or credit card

London Taxis and Rydo look forward to having you as a passenger soon.

Book a London Taxi today with Rydo