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What is Taxi Butler?

Taxi Butler is a booking device that can be placed conveniently in your venue, i.e. restaurants, bars, hospitals, hotels, offices, etc.

Customers can order a taxi with a click of a button while multiple taxis can be ordered from a single Taxi Butler at once.

How does it work?

Taxi Butler provides the user with a visual alert once a taxi has arrived, saving a customer’s waiting time.

Customers will receive ongoing updates of driver details and estimated arrival time.

With a touch of the button, you can order a taxi instantly.


Accessible Dispatch Solutions

Safe Rides


Where does Rydo come in?

Every Taxi Butler is integrated with Rydo’s software that has access to taxi dispatching systems and 18,000+ taxis nationally.

Rydo’s system is hooked in directly to a driver’s in-car console and delivers jobs immediately, to make ordering a nearby taxi seamless.

Rydo’s software has access to 40 different dispatching systems.

Taxi Butler Benefits for your venue

$1 commission every time a customer presses the button

Enables a quicker way to order taxis

Provided to establishments for FREE, courtesy of Rydo

Live updates of taxi order for customer convenience

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • 1. Will there be monthly use or setup costs for my Taxi Butler?

    Nope! The device, monthly use and setup cost is provided for FREE, courtesy of Rydo. Rydo does reserve the right to take possession of the Taxi Butler if it is under preforming.

  • 2. How will my venue receive commissions for rides booked through Taxi Butler?

    Rydo will send a monthly report generated from your Taxi Butler device showing performance.

  • 3. Are there limits on the number of live bookings I can have at once on my device?

    The limit is configurable and you can choose how many live bookings are allowed at a certain moment. However, only 7 bookings can be displayed to customers at one time from the device.

  • 4. Can I cancel a taxi on the device after ordering?

    Yes, you can press the small 'x' button to the upper left of the taxi button.

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