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Finding a safe and affordable ride around Australia is easy. We can calculate your estimated fare from your pick-up location to your destination based on our travel rates and the distance. Learn how to calculate your taxi fare below.

How To Estimate Taxi Fare

To begin estimating how much your taxi fare will cost, enter your travel information below. These results are estimates and may vary depending on traffic, tolls and the type of taxi.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • 1. Does the taxi fare increase during peak periods?

    No, we do not increase our fare during peak hours. However, during off-peak hours you may receive a lower fixed taxi fare in-comparison to peak periods.

  • 2. Am I charged extra if my driver is waiting?

    Our drivers try to arrive at your pick-up location on time. There may be additional surcharges if there is a delay caused by the rider. If you are running late, we would appreciate that you inform our rider.

  • 3. How is your estimated taxi fare calculated?

    Our estimated taxi fare is based on the shortest route between the pick-up and final destination. We use the distance between the destinations to estimate the driving time and include all potential surcharges and tolls to calculate an estimated fare for your taxi ride.

  • 4. Does Rydo offer corporate rides?

    At Rydo, we offer corporate rides and packages to suit all business travelling needs. Read our corporate page for more information about our packages and offerings.

  • 5. How to pay taxi fare?

    If you have the Rydo app, you can use your stored credit/debit card to pay for the taxi. You also have the option to pay the driver with cash or a card at the end of the trip and to request a fare receipt.

  • 6. How much is a taxi from Sydney airport to the city?

    You can pre-book or book a Rydo taxi upon arrival at the Sydney airport. The distance between the airport and Sydney CBD is roughly 15km and the estimated fare is between $45 to $75 depending on the type of taxi (standard taxi, station wagon or maxi cab).

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