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10 reasons why we love taxis - Rydo Australia

1. Taxi drivers are familiar

Remember when you were a kid and your parents never told you to get into a strangers car? Well that may well ring true today. Who knows what may turn up when you don’t take a taxi? Taxi drivers are professionals who provide the same service you can rely on – 408,000,000 passengers in 2014 can’t be wrong.

Always listen to your mum 🙂

2. Taxis get regular check ups

The great thing about jumping in a taxi is that you know that they are safe. Legislation decrees that they need to have regular maintenance updates and checks. Taxis are legislated to have regular documented inspections for roadworthiness to keep their passengers safe.

Taxi’s keep you safe.

3. Did we mention safety?

Sometimes things go wrong, sometimes we need to make sure that our drivers and our passengers are covered. Taxis have back-to-base 24 hour cameras running in cars. If something does go wrong, you can be assured it is all caught on camera.

Taxis take your security seriously.

4. We are not yoga instructors on the side

Taxi drivers are professionals, that’s what they do. They drive cabs and get passengers from one place to another. They aren’t yoga instructors moonlighting as taxi drivers and their day job is not a waiter. They are professionals getting you home safe and secure. Taxi driving is what they do.

We are professionals.

5. You know what you will be paying

Taxi pricing is out there for all to see, there is no hidden algorithm that determines how much you pay. Taxi rates are clear and concise and you can always see what the meter says. No bill shock via a text message after the fact!

No surprises on fares.

6. Maxi? Silver? Wheelchair accessible?

Taxis give you a choice. Have you got a large troop heading to the airport? Get yourself a maxi, maybe you want a bit of luxury? (And who doesn’t want a bit of that from time to time!) Get yourself a luxury taxi, or do you need assistance with a wheelchair? We care about accessibility. Taxis can cater to your every need.

We get everyone everywhere.

7. No one like surprises

Every time you book or hail a taxi you know what to expect. No need to look out for a black Kia with a number plate you can’t read amongst a sea of other cars. Taxis look like the professional service they are.

Always get what what you pay for.

8. Guess who can use a bus lane?

Yep thats right taxis can. Need to get somewhere in a hurry in peak hour? Grab a taxi and sail past the mass of disgruntled drivers – your express ticket to your destination. The bus lane – expressly reserved for buses and taxis.

Taxis live in the fast lane.

9. Australian grown

Taxis are owned operated and run by Aussie companies who contribute to our economy. They are regulated and provide much needed jobs.

Taxis give back.

10. And of course Rydo – Australia’s taxi app

Rydo represents the best of cutting edge technology and the taxi industry. We have just made it easier for you to book a taxi right now or next week. Rydo is Australia’s taxi app and will get you everywhere you need to be.

We just made your life easier.

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