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Australia’s best taxi app - we think so - Rydo Australia

It is hard to believe that we launched our Rydo taxi app only 6 short months ago. In that time we have grown, brought on thousands of new drivers, and completed tens of thousands of rides.

What makes Rydo Australia’s best taxi app?

Our tagline is “Everywhere you need to be” and that is one of our core promises. When we launched we were smaller, we weren’t everywhere you are, but every day we bring on more drivers, more cars, and are available in more areas.

Our coverage extends across Australia and if you are looking for a taxi in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Hobart, or Adelaide we will be there to pick you up and get you where you want to be.

We are not saying we are perfect. But we are always learning, adding services and improving the app. In just the last 3 months we have made some really great improvements to the app and how it works.

Pre-booking a taxi is easier

We have recently updated the pre-book a taxi option and user experience, there is now no two step process and the pre-booking works in a more seamless manner. We are always looking to improve our service and will continue to update and add new services.

We give you more taxi booking options

We give you more options to book a taxi to tailor your trip to your needs. When you book your taxi you have a choice of type of taxi. Would you like a maxi? Not a problem! Or maybe you have a lot of shopping and you need a wagon? Our regular taxis are great but now you also have the option to book, or pre-book a London Taxi.

You can only book or pre-book a London Taxi using the Rydo app. London Taxis are great for bigger groups of 5, or even that special occasion.

Did you know our jobs are delivered direct to the drivers screen? There’s no additional app they need to download, your job gets delivered like a normal taxi job. The driver doesn’t have to learn any new processes. You then have the option to pay the driver direct or use your stored credit card.

If you are off to the airport, you can let us know how many bags you have plus any other special requests or notes for the driver.

Our support centre is always available

If you have a problem, our Australian based call centre is available 24/7, 365 days a year to answer any queries or solve any problems you might have.

We are always educating and improving

Our heart is in the taxi industry. As part of what we do, we are always encouraging and supporting our drivers to provide a better service for passengers. Our work doesn’t stop at the app, it crosses the whole industry.

We don’t do rideshare

We are very clear that we are a taxi app. We provide our customers with the safety and security that taxis afford them. All our drivers are licensed and the taxis are inspected. You will always be picked up by a professional driver with a 24 hour security camera to ensure both your safety and the driver’s safety.

Rydo – Australia’s best taxi app.

Get a better ride. Fast, easy, safe.

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