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How Rydo is changing the taxi industry - Rydo Australia

Rydo app is transforming the way taxis’ operate

Rydo, an Australian-based and owned taxi and hire car travel app, offering the convenience and ease of via in-app bookings and payments whilst delivering a high level of accountability.

With a fleet of over 15,000 cars across Australia’s major centres, a 24/7, 365 day call centre based in Australia, plus a dedicated corporate portal, Rydo’s network is convenient and expansive.


The corporate portal

Rydo’s corporate portal allows businesses to track and manage rides, to ensure better compliance and accountability. Rydo app allows employees to pre-book rides which are then automatically invoiced through the corporate account.

Rydo offers fixed fares, detailed trip reports, and unlike other ride option does not charge surge prices. Employees are able to rate drivers and even favourite a driver (to book for a future trip).


Always available

With all this innovation, the key drawing point for taxis still remains the ability to book specialty taxis like a maxi taxi, London Taxi, and wheelchair accessible taxis, all with professional, licensed, and insured drivers.

Taxis’ have always been the primary point-to-point transport solution for businesses around the world. With Rydo, there’s now even better service and accountability available whether you book through the app or call 131 001.

If a corporate account with Rydo sounds like it’d be right for your company, find out more and contact us here.

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