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Is your transport provider aligned with your values? - Rydo Australia

Transport is a deeply personal thing. Our ability to traverse spaces quickly and comfortably makes up a large part of our daily lives. This matters to Australians, and is clearly seen on our roads, where Taxis remain Australia’s number one provider of point-to-point transport, covering over 80% of services.

There are plenty of point-to-point transport providers, with more appearing by the day. Considering this, there are some questions you need to ask about your current transport provider to ensure you’re getting the best deal and see if they’re right for you.

Is there surge pricing?

With populations rising, and city roads growing no wider, there’s been an increase in traffic across Australia. In response to this, some transport companies have gone to charging surge prices during the busy times you need transport most. If you use transport around cities, during peak hours, or over the weekend, it’s in your best interest to check your transport provider’s policies on surge pricing.

Can you pre-book?

Your transport provider being able to fit into your schedule is a necessary consideration. Convenience and the ability to pre-plan your trips go hand-in-hand. Does your service provide allow for an easy pre-booking experience?

Specialty vehicles?

Does your transport provider have vehicles for all occasions? Can they provide for large groups of people, or for people with a disability? Check what options your current transport provider has and if these work for your personal circumstances.

A place to call when you need help

Sometimes drivers don’t appear, or you’re overcharged, or you need to simply provide some feedback. These things shouldn’t happen, but sometimes life just gets in the way. These problems aren’t a matter of ‘if’ but ‘when’. Does your transport provider have avenues to contact them directly for when things go wrong? Does their service allow you to keep drivers accountable? Check to see how your transport provider would deal with these issues before you ever come across them.

The solution is clear…

Rydo is an Australian-based and owned taxi and hire car app with a fleet of over 15,000 cars across Australia’s major centres, and a 24/7, 365 day call centre based in Australia.

Rydo offers fixed fares, a rate-your-driver service, and no-surge prices. With Rydo, you can book specialty taxis like the Maxi, London Taxi, and wheelchair accessible taxis, all with professional, licensed, and insured drivers.

Find out more about Rydo and contact us for more information here.

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