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Rydo’s USPs shake the industry - Rydo Australia

The services Rydo offers are far-reaching and unique, taking the industry by storm. Read on to see how to make the best use of these services.

Rydo pre-booking

Rydo pre-booking is the best way to use Rydo. Simply select your pick up location and time in the app, and your destination, and Rydo will sort out the rest.


Favouriting drivers

The idea of favouriting drivers is unique to Rydo. This doesn’t have much use to a casual taxi user, but a power user, someone who makes taxi trips on a weekly or daily basis, will find this feature a godsend. 

When you find a taxi driver you like, whether for their professionalism, conversation, reliability, or knowledge, simply mark them as a favourite in the app. 

Once you have 3 or 4 of these drivers listed, you can reliably have these drivers pick you up every time you need to make a trip. 

This allows you to build personal relationships, reward stand-out drivers, and ensure you have the best ride possible as often as possible.


Our specialty cars

Rydo has a range of specialty cars for use, including the London taxi , to which Rydo has the exclusive rights to in Australia.


Massive reach

When you use Rydo, you  gain access to over 17,000 cars in the Rydo network – one of the largest taxi networks in Australia.


Flexible payment options

Rydo is partnered with GMcabs, one of the most widely used taxi payment terminals in Australia. This means payment through the app is extremely flexible and secure.


Fixed fares and no surge

At Rydo, we don’t charge surge prices when it’s busy, making sure you have an affordable, quality service every time. Our fares are also fixed, so when you book with us, you’ll know how you need to pay, no hidden surprises.


At Rydo, we’re all about ensuring you have the best ride possible. Download the app now on the App Store and Google Play.

Book through the app or feel free to call us on 131 001 and let us arrange the booking for you.

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