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Why you should be using Rydo to book a taxi. - Rydo Australia

Taxi’s are by far and away the most trusted method of point to point transport in Australia. Every year taxi’s carry over 400 Million passengers. The public use taxis because they are reliable, knowledgeable, safe and regulated. Rydo makes it even easier for you to book a taxi.

But why should you use Rydo? What are the benefits of using the app to a book a taxi rather than just picking up a phone? Phoning 131 001 for a taxi booking will still get you a great service and will get you from A to B, but using Rydo gives you quite a number of advantages over the traditional booking method.

Advantages of booking a taxi with Rydo

You can see where your taxi is, you can see it approaching and can head to the pick up point to perfectly time your ride, no waiting around or wondering how far away the taxi is. Booking a taxi within the app lets you choose the style of taxi you want. If you have a group and need a maxi taxi, not a problem, or maybe you need a station wagon, we have you covered there as well. You can even tell you taxi driver how many passengers you have , and how much luggage you need help with.

Payment options with Rydo

Rydo gives you some great ways to pay. If you have registered your credit card with the app there is no need to fumble for change and wait around for a receipt, if you select to pay with your stored credit card when you book a taxi you just jump out at the end of your trip and you will be emailed a tax invoice, can’t get much easier than that!

If you select to pay the driver you can still use the app to book a taxi but like a traditional ride you can pay the driver at the end of the trip with cash or a card and request a receipt from the driver.

How was your taxi driver? Would you like to use them again?

We are here to make sure we take care of our drivers and our passengers and continually improve our service so at the conclusion of every ride you can rate your driver, and if you like them you can keep them as a favourite and use that one driver again. A bit like your own personal chauffeur:)

Australia’s best way to book a taxi

With over 15000 taxis available across Australia you will not have  a problem finding a ride to get you home safe and sound. If you would like to see how the app works when you book a taxi have a look at the app screen shots here.

Is this the best way to book a taxi in Australia?

Rydo connects you with over 15000 taxis, it is fast, safe, secure, and lets you book a taxi anywhere anytime. You can pay any way you choose and you can supply feedback on your driver and experience.There are some fantastic new innovations on the way, so yes we feel it is  absolutely the best way to book a taxi in Australia!

Booking a taxi is;

  • Fast
  • Safe
  • Secure
  • Everywhere you need to be

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