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Why we wanted to create Australia’s best Taxi App - Rydo Australia

We know that across the world there are a lot of taxi apps, and we know that a few have been created in Australia, so people always ask us “why are you doing this? Hasn’t it already been done?”

We like many other great Aussie inventors and entrepreneurs we’re not happy with the status quo. Sure there was a clothes line before the Hills Hoist, but that didn’t stop Lance Hill. He went ahead and created something better, something that gave consumers a better tool, and a better way of life. He created jobs, he took care of workers, and created a legacy.

Technology is all about innovation. We may not have the same structure in 50 years but we sure do plan to have the longevity of the Hills Hoist. That’s why we created Rydo, to give the Aussie public a better service, a better tool, and a better choice.

Across Australia, taxi’s complete over 200 million trips per year – yes that’s 200,000,000. In 2014 alone the taxi industry carried over 408,000,000 passengers*. Rydo represents the synergy between Australia’s most trusted ride and cutting edge technology allowing consumers and cabbies to connect in way not yet possible.

There is a difference in how Rydo operates and this allows them to provide a platform that is familiar to drivers. Drivers do not need to download an app and have ten running at the same time. Rydo’s system hooks directly into the drivers in-car consoles and delivers jobs immediately. In concert with the GM Cabs booking system, this gives Rydo access to over 15,000 taxis nationally.

Why is this Australia’s best taxi app?

Rydo is flexible, it allows to you book in advance, it allows to pay in app, or pay in advance. It allows you book a wagon, a people mover or a wheelchair friendly cab. It will give you an estimated fare and allow you to travel in a fully insured vehicle with a professional driver, with security cameras.

Functions are great but so are benefits. When calls are slow you have the ability to request a fixed price fare. When times are busy our rates never go up, but if you are really in a hurry you can offer a driver a tip to pick you up pronto!

Your most trusted driver

Unlike some personal transport options our cars are regularly inspected for roadworthiness. We take your safety very seriously. Your driver is trained, your car is insured, and security cameras ensure everyone is safe.

We care about our drivers

Our drivers are a community. Not like an online community but a real one, real people, with real families, and real lives. We know these guys and we care about their welfare.

We created Rydo to make sure they get access to a better technology to provide them with more work. The fees we charge our drivers for a job are significantly less than other ride sharing apps.

We will not be replacing our drivers with driverless cars. Technology may be able to get you somewhere but it is no replacement for experience.

Yes you can rate your driver after a trip, and if they haven’t provided you with a great experience we will work with them to improve. When you find a driver you like you can request them any time you book a trip.

Rydo is not just a taxi booking app it’s a community with one goal in mind.

We are working with government to level the playing field

Sometimes a cab may be a bit more expensive than other options but like most things service and safety cost money. We know we can compete on service, safety, and convenience, and we know we can do better. What makes it’s difficult for our drivers is when they have to keep running uphill.

Did you know that a CTP Greenslip for a taxi can cost over $9,000? Yup thats right. Did you know that a taxi has to be inspected every 4 months if it is in a Transport District? Did you know that taxi drivers need to complete at least 48 hours of in-classroom training alone? A taxi license can cost between $20,000 and $22,000 per year. Other providers in this industry pay nothing.

There is a reason these checks and balances are put in place. It’s so that we can ensure the public’s safety. You would think that these would also apply to newer ride sharing apps wouldn’t you? Well they don’t. So we will work with legislators to either bring the other guys into line or give our guys a fair go. Isn’t that what Australia is all about?

We would love you to come along for the ride

It’s early days but we believe we have created Australia’s best taxi app. Whether you want to grab a taxi or pre-book a hire car, we would love you to come along for the ride and join us in the Rydo journey.



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