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Why do you need a Rydo corporate portal? - Rydo Australia

If your company is based in a major Australian city, as an employer you’ll need to find an effective and efficient way to organise and manage your employees’ travel within the city and outside it. A Rydo corporate portal is a way to do just that.

Whether you are a business in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide or Perth, there will be times you need employees to travel in order to get their jobs done. Because of this, it’s important to understand the ins and outs of Rydo’s corporate portal system.

What is Rydo’s Corporate Portal?

Our corporate portal is a taxi booking and management service specific to your company. It provides benefits as well as giving you an easy to access place to keep track of expenses and who is using taxis within your business. But there are a lot more benefits involved.

Simple administration

With a corporate portal you will save on administration time and costs, and staff expense management time. The Rydo dashboard allows you to see trip summaries, cost centres, dates and view data through a range of filters. You can access the corporate portal online, or call 131 001 to book a service.

No surprises

Rydo’s corporate portal offers fixed fares. These are calculated on the most direct route. No standard variable meter trips involved, prices are quoted before the completion of the booking.


Rest easy with all staff taxi travel made visible. With centralised control and real-time reporting, all staff trips are recorded and reported. Rydo also provides unparalleled transparency with the ability to review trips, preventing misuse.

Payment flexibility

With Rydo’s corporate portal you eliminate the need for cash and in-cab payments. Your Rydo corporate portal offers multiple payment methods: post-paid account, addition of corporate credit cards to the account – whatever suits your business needs.


Your staff’s safety is our priority. Rydo only uses licensed, registered and fully insured Taxi drivers, and your staff can rate their drivers.

Guest booking

Rydo’s corporate portal allows you to book on behalf of your staff and guests.

Taxi choice

With Rydo, you can book maxis, taxis, or hire cars depending on your travel needs. We even have a fleet of London Taxis available for you to use if you’re based in Sydney or Melbourne.

Taxis’ have always been the primary point-to-point transport solution for businesses around the world. With Rydo, there’s now an even more efficient and effective service available, right at your fingertips. Book through the app or call 131 001.

If a corporate account with Rydo sounds like it’d be right for your company, find out more and contact us here.

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