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GM Cabs partners with Alipay - Rydo Australia

GM Cabs has partnered with Alipay to provide a better service for its users. The need for an excellent taxi service is important for everyone, but especially for visitors and tourists who would otherwise be lost in a foreign land. The partnership between GM Cabs and Alipay serves to provide a better taxi service to an increasing Chinese tourist population.


Chinese tourists are increasingly travelling to Australia to take in the sights. They’re said to account for 81% of the growth in tourism spending in Australia last year.


Additionally, we’re currently in the midst of China’s “National Day Golden Week” which begins on October 1st and lasts 8 days. It’s a mid-autumn holiday that sees Chinese nationals in search of an amazing vacation overseas, most often landing them in Australia.


Alipay’s Country Manager, George Lawson, says taxis “play a central role in the Chinese visitor experience in Australia”. And GM Cabs agree. With our gorgeous harbours, beaches and parks, we’re a destination to experience.


The partnership between the Australian taxi operator and the Chinese QR code payments platform, resulted in the rollout of the solution to GM Cabs’ fleet of over 250 branded taxis.


This means Chinese tourists with Alipay are now better serviced with a familiar payment platform. This follows GM Cab’s promise to provide a better user experience to their customers.


GM Cabs has a massive reach. GM Cabs payments underpin a number of other taxi networks as well as the Rydo booking app, contributing to more than 10 million payment receipts issued by GM Cabs for operators using its platform each year.

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