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Rydo makes summer time taxi bookings easy - Rydo Australia

Every year taxis carry over 410 Million passengers. Even more so, summer is the biggest season of the year for business, tourism and plain old summer fun. Rydo ensures you have a reliable, knowledgeable, and safe ride waiting to take you to your destination – even during this busy season. 

You might be asking, “How?”, what does Rydo have above other taxi services to allow for bookings and trips even during peak times? The secret is the Rydo app and service infrastructure. 


The magic of pre-booking

With the app you can pre-book your ride and watch it make its way to your door. Or book ahead of time, and know your taxi will be with you at your doorstep when you step out. Booking through the app also allows you to set your taxi preference. Do you need a specialty taxi like a London taxi to impress a corporate client? Or are you carrying extra luggage and need a station wagon to service your trip.


Incredible reach

With Rydo, you also have access to over 17,000 cars in the Rydo network – one of the largest taxi networks in Australia. This means that no matter the season, we have taxis available to pick you up and deliver you to your destination.


24/7 service

Rydo also offers an Australian based 24/7 concierge service for managing your trip. Simply call on 131 001 anytime, anywhere and have access to Rydo’s services. Our number can be used to track lost items, make and manage bookings as well as troubleshoot any issues you may be experiencing.


No surge charge

At Rydo, we don’t charge surge prices when it’s busy, making sure you have an affordable, quality service when you need it most.


At Rydo, we help keep things easy, making sure you aren’t caught out this summer as the busy season hits. Download the app now on the App Store and Google Play to ensure you get to your destination hassle free.

Book through the app or feel free to call us on 131 001 and let us arrange the booking for you.

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